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Millennium Marketing Ltd. is a private company owned by the brothers Shlomo and Daniel Siegreich. The Company has been operating for over 32 years in the field of household utensils and gifts.

Back in 1949, the father of the family, the late Ya’acov Siegreich commenced representing some of the leading companies and manufacturers of household utensils and gifts in the world. We are following in his footsteps.

The Company employs 36 persons, distributed among the following departments:
Import and Purchasing Dept., Finances and Accounting Dept., an expanded Marketing and Sales department divided according to sectors, Design and Brand Management Dept., Purchasing Dept. and the Logistics Dept.

The vast experience characterizing the professional staff confers an outstanding advantage, from both the marketing and the buying aspects. Millennium Marketing has exclusive licensing and distribution agreements with over 45 companies from all over the world.

The long-term personal relationships which we have established with suppliers worldwide, make it possible for us to enjoy special conditions, as well as to develop unique products, including adapting production lines in accordance with the needs of our marketing department and the customers in Israel.

Millennium Marketing operates an office in Shanghai which acts untiringly to assure high-quality and ongoing production of the products manufactured for us.

Millennium Marketing is the exclusive importer of many brands such as Cerve, Bormioli, Arcsteel, Gural, Staub, RCR, among which can be found professional kitchen utensils, household utensils and gifts, textiles for entertainment and kitchen use, cutlery, dinner services, pots and pans, etc.

 The Institutional Department

This department provides specific professional solutions for the general institutional market, such as hotels, catering companies, restaurants, etc.

The department develops, produces and supplies for its customers an extensive range of stainless steel, porcelain and glass products, in cooperation with the customer and in accordance with his requirements.

The Institutional Department boasts a list of leading international suppliers, such as Bormioli, makers of glass products, and Gural, which produces porcelain table ware. These brands are exclusively imported by Millennium.

The department further offers glasses, dishes, gourmet cookware, and industrial cooking pots, serving dishes for buffets, cast iron cooking pots, etc.

We are happy to be at your service!!!

 Retail Department

The Retail Department is responsible for marketing and sales to the private sector, such as stores selling household utensils and gifts, various marketing chains, etc.

The products are adapted for the Israeli consumer, and consist of professional/home kitchen equipment, dinner services, gifts, decorative objects, etc.

The rich professional experience of the Retail Department personnel is of great assistance to the Company’s customers in building up the optimal range of products for their end customers.

We shall be happy to continue serving you faithfully!

 Imports and Purchases Department

This department is responsible for managing the imports and purchases of the Company.

It is responsible for assuring the arrival of shipments at their destination in strict compliance with timetables, and for safeguarding the goods’ integrity.

The department maintains daily working contacts with over 100 different suppliers worldwide, and in addition makes regular visits to the various factories in order to assure the quality of the work and the products manufactured there.

 Logistics Department

This department is responsible for managing a warehouse extending over 7,000 cu.m., accepting containers and distributing the products to the Company’s customers no later than 48 hours after receipt of the order.

The Logistics Department is responsible for conveying the goods all over Israel and manages the Company’s fleet of vehicles.

 Sales Promotion

This department develops and supplies a broad range of creative solutions for projects in the field of sales promotion, gifts and packages for companies, in full cooperation with the customer and in accordance with his budget and his requirements.

The department conducts extensive national campaigns, with the participation of leading companies in the Israeli market, as well as designing and producing specific products for workers’ committees, corporations, etc.

Special gift packages can be assembled and manufactured in accordance with budget, needs and concept.

We are pleased to be at your service at all times!

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