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Millennium Marketing believes that it is right to give the customer as much value, quality and satisfaction as possible for his money. Accordingly, Millennium Marketing invests a great deal of resources and creative thought in its products, with strong emphasis on uncompromising quality.

Millennium Marketing imports its products from the best manufacturers worldwide, leaders in their field. In addition we operate an office in Shanghai, whose principal function is to perform strict quality control on the products while they are still on the production line, and to monitor each and every shipment until its arrival in Israel.

Millennium Marketing is attentive to its customers and the end consumer, and expends much effort in importing as many products as possible in order to improve and enrich the cooking experience in the domestic and institutional kitchen.

Millennium Marketing grants relevant warranty to its products purchased in the various stores all over the country.

We hope you will enjoy the imported products, and we are at your service for any query or matter.


Anat Ben Ezra
Home Site Manager

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